As I already told you for this year I show you some of my projects from `my home`. We did a few makeovers in our apartment and we are both really pleased with how it turnded out after renovation.
I think there are a few details to make your bedroom cozy. The colors and materials are very important for the look. I like it when the colors and materials stay in contrast to each other. The oak wood is warm, the dark metal from the night stand cold. The color grey in contradistinction to white.
I always have candles or fresh flowers to decorate with. Little details are very nice in a room, but don`t put to many things there. Less is more.
We still have a few more things what we want to change for a fresh new year. I will show you later some BEFORE & AFTER photos from my home.
Maybe you´ll get a few ideas to give your bedroom a makeover.

Images: Jennifer Tiedtke