Hey there, I would like to show you some different kind of ways to get a stylish storage for shoes in your hallway or a sideboard for accessoires in your living room on a low budget.
I have pimped my BESTA shelf from Ikea with a wood top. I really like the shelf because it has a straight design and you can combine and integrate it very well.
With the top made out of wood I designed a bench to sit. The shelfs underneath I have arranged in a way to get different kind of highs for the shoes. When you hang the shelf on the wall it looks like you have more space in the room.
You can even play with the front of the Besta shelf. As well you can use a top made out of marble or glass.
Maybe you will take a look at superfront.com for an individual front.

I hope you will find a way to pimp your shelf and make it individual.

Images My Home: by Jennifer Tiedtke