As advertised my living room got a fresh and new look, and I am really happy with the result. I did not change everything but it looks so different to the living room before renovating. When you take a look to the pictures on my blog from „My living room before renovating“ you see that I painted two walls white and that I changed the lighting.


Next DNA

Light for our Dining place

For the dining room I hang up the DNA – pendant lamp from Next with a height of 30 cm, length of 40 cm and it has a diameter of 14 cm. The DNA pendant lamp I got from Connox is definitely the hightlight in my living room.

The complex form of the suspension develops like an organic growing structure out of the surprisingly simple basic element. White, ruby, chromed or gold coloured plastic modules with three bulbs each can be added up to the light object in the desired size – your choice if your prefer the single format or a candelabra.


I choosed the variant of chrome and the Laes – Globe illuminant with mirror stripes for DNA lamps what gives a amazing illumination in my living room.



The dining table

oak wood

I already had is combinated with four Eames Plastic Side Chairs, black. Instaed of making a big picture wall I decided to use only two significance pictures. The pictures stay in contrast with the white wall and the neutral furniture.


For my couch table I found at artvoll the wonderful pendant lamp “ &tradition, Mega Bulb clear, big, black“. I was looking especially for a glas lamp because of the clear glas I can still look out of my window and the lamp is not to to dominate.

The designer Sofie Reter was inspired for this design from a simple light bulb. The hand-blown , thick-walled glass is held by a colored , textile jacketed cable is 2.5m long. The area enclosed by glass version is made of porcelain.


The design of the stylish lamp convinced by the clear appearance and attention to detail.






The textile Sofa is in a very dark grey, very classic. For a new look I just change my pillows depending of the seanons , winter or spring/ sommer. Marco Polo Living got really beautiful knitwear, pillows and blankets.



Mega Bulb

The pendant lamp

tradition, Mega Bulb looks so good with the illuminant Nook London – Quad Loop from Connox.

Vintage Design meets modern handicraft art: The Quad Loop by Nook London is a game with light as with senses because of its spiral-like opened light wire. The lamp’s corpus sends warm light which serves as room light in its full strength. When switched on with a dimmer, the E27 lamp shines pleasantly and effectively, since the single light beams inside of the designer’s piece come into sight. Thanks to the durability of 3000 hours, the enjoyment of the Quad Loop remains longer than common bulbs.

The effect of the Nook London – Quad Loop is amazing. It enhance the living room a lot.

images: by Jennifer Tiedtke